Love To Work In The Yard? Grow Plants That Require Routine Care

When some people go house hunting, they may want to prioritize low-upkeep landscapes to minimize how much time and effort they must put into maintaining healthy grass and plants. But, you may love going into the backyard and spending your free time on landscape maintenance. If you are not satisfied with your current landscape setup, you should consider hiring landscape contractors to help you start growing plants that require routine care.

3 Tips For Buying And Using Smoking Wood Bundles

When you’d like to grill out or use smoking wood for other forms of fuel, it’s important that you know what you’re buying and how to use it. By choosing the right smoking wood, you’ll be able to use it properly and safely and get the most out of its use. With this in mind, keep reading so that you can buy and use smoking wood bundles in a way that serves you.

How to Get the Backyard of Your Dreams

Do you feel like your backyard is nice, but that there’s not a lot for you to do in it? If you have a lot of kids or just like to host a lot of backyard parties, then this article is definitely for you. This article will list a few different ways that you can get the backyard of your dreams, so your kids and their friends can enjoy it and you can throw a lot of fun, unforgettable parties.

How Landscaping And Facade Work Together In A Home's Exterior

Curb appeal doesn’t come down to one feature of your home’s exterior. All the different features have the capacity to add or take away from the curb appeal. Therefore, achieving the desired curb appeal comes down to being able to balance the various features of the different components in your home’s exterior. If you have a yard, this means that apart from the fa├žade of your home, you’ll also need to think about the landscape and how the two will interact.

Why Hiring Lawn Maintenance Services May Be Right For You

As a homeowner, you may sometimes feel overwhelmed and overburdened. There is so much to do around the house to keep it up and running, not to mention looking presentable, that it can often feel like you are fighting a losing battle. However, it does not have to be this way, and you can find ways to make things easier. One such option may be hiring a company that provides lawn maintenance services.

3 Yard Care Professionals Numbers To Always Have In Your Phone

Owning a house can be a large responsibility; not only do you not have to pay for a mortgage but you also have to deal with things like your exterior landscaping. In order to make sure that your landscaping stays looking like you could win The Yard of The Month each and every month, you need to make sure that you are getting things taken care of. This article will list three yard care professionals numbers that you should always have in your phone.

Are You Setting Up Your Child Care Center's Winter Safety Plan? 3 Things To Do When You Arrange For Snow Removal Services

When families come to your child care center, they trust you to have everything in place to keep them safe. While you love watching the kids slide outside on the playground equipment, the last thing you would ever want is to see one take a spill on the snow or ice. During the winter season, snow removal is one of your facility’s biggest priorities during seasonal storms, and you can follow these steps to make sure that your safety plan covers inclement weather.

Landscape Design For A Shady Yard

Plants love sun, and many of them need huge amounts of it to flower. If you are the proud owner of a shady yard, however, that doesn’t mean you have to skip the plants or go without flowers in your yard. Read on for ways to create a landscape design that works for your shady yard. With these ideas, you’ll be able to create a gorgeous, cool oasis where you can wait out the hottest summer days.

3 Ways You Can Improve Your Landscaping Design With Concrete Features

Today, there are many ways that you can improve the landscaping around your home. You may be considering options like hardscaping and borders for flower beds, which can be an expensive improvement. Concrete is a great solution to add features like retaining walls pass and curbing to your landscaping design. Here are some of the different options that you may want to consider for affordable landscaping improvements with concrete features. 1. Elegant Improvements With Stamped Concrete Driveways And Paths

4 Ways To Change Outdoor Spaces With Concrete Hardscaping And Custom Finishes

There are many ways that you want to consider to make over the landscaping of your home, which may include trendy outdoor living spaces. When creating outdoor living spaces for your home, you want these features to be attractive and include custom finishers. Concrete is an affordable material that you can use to create these custom finishes for your outdoor spaces. Here are some of the different ways you can use concrete solutions to give your outdoor space custom finishes.

Longing For Green, Green Grass At Your New Home? Hydroseeding To The Rescue!

Buying a newly constructed home is an exciting experience, but establishing a green, grassy lawn on what was recently a construction site is a much less enjoyable part of this process. After the home is completed, many builders simply level the ground around the home, add a thin layer of top soil, and call it good. This leaves the homeowner to purchase and plant expensive grass seed and spend hours raking and removing rocks and clumps, only to find all their hard work washed away by the first hard rain.

Tips For Preparing Your Home Building Site Prior To Building

If you purchased a parcel of raw land to build your dream home on, then you will first need to clear it and properly prepare it for building. Exactly how you should clear the site depends entirely on the vegetation and grade present. For example, a lot with a steep grade will need to be graded out flat for the future home’s foundation, while a property loaded with trees and vegetation will need to be cleared first.

Helpful Land Maintenance Services

Owning a home often comes with the responsibility of caring for the landscape, even if you don’t actually live in it. The responsibility is more important if the house is located in a neighborhood that has rules in place by a Homeowner’s Association (HOA). For instance, there might be a rule that requires the yard and trees to be trimmed during certain seasons of the year so they won’t grow out of control.

Protect The Structural Integrity Of Your Concrete Installation

Concrete is an incredibly durable material. However, much of its durability comes from its application. If you make a mistake during the installation of a concrete walkway, patio or other area, don’t exactly expect it to last for a long time. If you’re planning a concrete project in the near future, here are some mistakes you should avoid.  Not Planning for the Weather When applying any concrete surface, you must do your due diligence and look at the upcoming weather report.

How to Create An "Instagram Garden"

Now is the time of year when the weather is getting warmer, the days are getting longer, and people are preparing their gardens for the summer. If you are an Instagram lover, then you know that a uniquely designed garden with bright colors and eccentric features can give you a lot of followers and as well as likes in Instagram. This means that you need to design your garden in a manner that will make your Instagram pictures gorgeous.

5 Tips for a Great Outdoor Entertainment Space

Spring is the time when many people start getting ready to host get-togethers as well as entertain family and friends. One way to create a great outdoor entertainment space is to use pavers. Also, you don’t have to get worried if you don’t have enough space for outdoor entertainment since there are several ways in which you can utilize the small space you have. The following are five tips to consider when you have a company like Glacier Landscape install your deck or patio.

Tips For Replanting Your Yard

Residential yards can go wrong within a short period of time. At times, you can easily fill in the bare areas, only if the damage isn’t extensive. However, if the damage in the yard is extensive, particularly on the lawn, you might consider seeking landscaping services to help you in clearing the yard and completely replanting the yard. For lawns, re-seeding is one of the most cost-effective methods of replanting. However, it requires more effort and time for it to be successful.

Comparing Three Common Types Of Retaining Wall Materials

Retaining walls are common landscaping installations that are used to prevent soil erosion, create terraced areas in your yard, and provide better drainage to your landscape. However, not all retaining walls are made out of the same materials, and different building materials all have a different set of advantages and drawbacks to offer. Understanding what three of the most common types of building materials used for retaining walls have to offer can help you choose the one that is best suited to your landscaping needs.

3 Advantages Of Natural Stone Patios

Hardscaping refers to all types of landscaping that make use of hard materials for landscaping installations, particularly patios, hence the fairly straightforward name. While a wide variety of different materials can be classified as hardscaping materials, natural stone is by far the most common for most residential backyards. Understanding some of the unique material benefits that natural stone has to offer as a patio material can help you figure out if building a natural stone patio is the right fit for your landscaping design needs.

Reasons Why Hardscaping Is An Important Element In Creating An Outdoor Landscape

An important part of attractive yard landscaping is the addition of hardscapes such as walkways, retaining walls, and a patio. These elements are functional as well as being attractive additions to your yard. Here are some reasons to hire a hardscape designer and installer to complete the transformation of your yard into a place your family can enjoy. To Protect Your Lawn Walkways give people a path to stay on when doing routine things like taking out the trash and walking to the side yard.

3 Important Maintenance Steps For Residential Landscapes

A home isn’t complete until it has beautiful landscapes. Achieving them doesn’t happen overnight. This requires a lot of time, patience, but most importantly, maintenance. To ensure your landscapes look great from all angles, take these steps.  1. Mow Correctly  Perhaps the most important aspect of caring for any landscape around your property is mowing it correctly. First and foremost, you need to make sure your lawn mower’s blades are sharp enough to provide consistent cuts.

How Soil Erosion Can Affect Your Home And Yard

Soil erosion can happen naturally just about anywhere. Even though it might be natural, however, this does not mean that it doesn’t cause problems. If you end up dealing with soil erosion on your property, for example, it can have more of an impact than you might think. This is why working with a professional who specializes in erosion control can be a good idea. These are just some of the problems that you might find yourself dealing with if you ignore soil erosion.

Acquire A Well-Maintained Residential Yard

If you struggle to keep your lawn maintained, due to the fact that you own an old push mower and lack a weed trimmer and basic maintenance tools, you may have come to the realization that it is time to hire a landscaping company to assist with your lawn maintenance needs. Research companies and provide input to acquire exemplary results. Contact A Few Companies Researching local landscaping companies will help you choose one that serves addresses in your neighborhood and that is priced reasonably for the maintenance procedures that you desire.

Three Tips To Create A Weedless Landscape Bed

Garden beds with pretty flowers and lush plants provide eye-catching beauty in the home landscape, but they have a dark side. Many homeowners spend countless hours weeding these beds to keep them nice, which isn’t likely to happen if you are more of a hands-off style of caretaker. Fortunately, there are ways to minimize the upkeep that goes into having a pretty flower garden. While the following tips won’t make a flower bed completely maintenance-free, they will help ensure the garden is low maintenance.

3 Simple Solutions To Update An Ordinary Patio

Whether constructed out of concrete, tile, or stone, a patio can be a great investment for your home. It can be used to place your grill or for dining outside with family and guests. Although functional, some patio designs can be a bit ordinary. Thankfully, you can enhance the look, value, and function of your ordinary patio with a few simple updates. Heat Source Warmer seasons are when most people enjoy their outdoor living spaces, but your patio can be an ideal spot for relaxing and entertaining even in the fall and winter.

Saving The Environment And Your Wallet: 4 Landscaping Improvements That Reduce Waste

If you want to do your part to save the environment, energy efficient home improvement are great projects to take on. Even if you have your doubts about issues like climate change, some of these improvements are still good investments to help reduced utility costs and keep more money in your wallet. The landscaping of your home is in the area where simple improvements to mechanical systems like exterior lighting and irrigation systems can greatly reduce waste of water and energy.

Hire Landscapers To Create A Backyard That Your Kids Can Enjoy Regularly

Some people end up buying a home in which the backyard is already finished. It may have a defined purpose that the homeowner would have to put a lot of effort into changing. But, you may have bought a home with a backyard that is waiting to be worked on, which gives you flexibility. If you have several kids that you know will want to spend a lot of time in the backyard, you should hire landscapers to take on projects that create the perfect yard to play in.

Three Signs Of Soil Depletion

Soil depletion refers to the absence of nutrients that are essential to support plant growth. Soil depletion is usually caused by a variety of environmental factors, like the overuse of chemical fertilizers, heavy rainfall, erosion, or some other cause. Whatever the reason, soil depletion can have a marked effect on the health and longevity of all of your plants, from your grass to your trees, and everything in between. Understanding some of the warning signs associated with soil depletion can help you identify the problem early and get in touch with a landscaping specialist to consider your next steps.

Want A Kid-Friendly Backyard? 3 Landscaping Projects To Undertake

Making changes to your backyard is a great idea if you have children and want the space to be more accommodating for them. If you’re concerned that the landscaping in your yard isn’t suited for your kids, there are a lot of changes you can make so that it feels more comfortable for them. Instead of taking on just any landscaping project for your yard, consider some of the following projects that will likely be a great fit when you have kids that you want to spend more time outside.

Add Water Features To Your Backyard With Hardscaping Service

When you enter your backyard, you may feel as if something is missing. The landscape may be covered in grass, flowers, trees, and pathways, but you may want to add more. While you can add a patio, deck, or fire pit, you may be most interested in adding several water features. While landscaping professionals can help you with managing rainwater throughout your landscape, you will want to get hardscaping service to add dedicated water features.

4 Ways To Improve Your Landscaping With Natural Stone Masonry And Hardscaping

If you are considering renovating your landscaping, natural stone masonry and other hardscaping features are great improvements. You may want to consider features like partial stonewalls for fencing and gates or stone faces for retaining walls. Many things that can be done with natural stone to improve the look of your landscaping. There are some of the ways that you can improve your landscaping with natural stonemasonry and hardscaping features.

Repair Damaged Areas In Your Yard: How To Get Grass To Grow

If your yard is more patchy than plush, it’s time to get your gardening gloves on and get to work. A patchy lawn can look unsightly and unkempt. You can get your lawn back and repair those patchy spots in the yard to give you a plush, green yard. Read on for tips on how to repair a damaged lawn. Rake Your Yard To start you’ll need to get rid of the dead grass and any thatching by raking the yard thoroughly.

The Best Greenery For Preventing Soil Erosion

If you are seeing a lot of soil erosion on your property, it may be time to consider some soil erosion control measures. Thankfully, soil erosion is easily managed with lots of different grasses, trees, shrubs, ground cover plants, and even fungi. The following all-natural solutions might be some worth buying and planting, depending on how much sunlight is cast on the eroded areas. Clover Who does not like to see those pretty and fragrant purple and white flowers all over their yards?

5 Benefits of Adding a Splash Pad to Your Yard

Splash pads have been popping up in public parks and water parks for years, but recently, more and more people have begun adding splash pads to their own backyard. The sprinklers and other water-related devices on a splash pad are great for kids and adults alike. The following are five benefits of adding a splash pad to your backyard. 1. You can cool off in the summer heat. Especially if you live in a warm area, you may feel as though the only way to escape the summer heat is to spend all day inside in the air conditioning – out of the sun.

Give Proper Care To Your Landscape By Hiring Professionals After Moving In

Moving into a home with an empty landscape means that you can decide what to add. But, you may have bought a property with a complete landscape that you will be looking to maintain. The last homeowner may have put a lot of effort into making sure the landscape stays healthy. If you want to keep the yard beautiful, you should hire a landscaping company to help with this process.

How To Create A Yard That Is Perfect For A Growing Family

When you have a growing family, you will also need a landscape that is able to grow and evolve with the changing needs of your family. You might want to have multiple uses for your yard, so you will need a way to section off different areas. Section Off Areas with Shrubs One great way to section off areas of your yard is with shrubs. These will look natural, but will also allow you to create a place where you and your partner can relax while also creating a play area for your children.

5 Reasons To Hire A Landscaper For Your Yard Needs

If your front lawn is looking sad, it may be time for an upgrade. With how busy life gets, it can be hard to keep up with lawn care tasks on your own. You may feel your yard is too far gone to know where to even start. Luckily, landscapers are able to help you make your lawn look brand new and welcoming. They can help with a mix of services.

Six Tips To Make Gardening Easier

Gardening can be a great activity to keep you occupied and to give you the kind of yard you’ve always dreamed of. However, gardening can also be quite hard. It takes a lot of work to start a garden, and taking care of one in the long term can be even harder. However, there are many ideas you can use to make things easier for you. Stick to a Manageable Design

3 Diseases That Can Kill Pine Trees

Trees add a lot of texture, beauty, shade, and value to your yard. Unfortunately, they can also pose danger to your landscape design, home, vehicles, and family. Depending on the specific variety, pine trees can grow up to 150 feet, making them incredibly dangerous if they are diseased. Without proper understanding and care, diseased pine trees will most likely die and fall. Thankfully, help is available. This guide will help you understand and care for common diseases that can affect your pine trees.

3 Cozy And Cool Ways To Keep Your Home's Outdoor Living Space Comfortable For Summer Entertaining

As the summer days get longer and your backyard gets hotter, it is time to start looking for ways to keep outdoor living space cool. There are many projects that can help, such as adding shade to sunny areas with privacy screens, fences, and garden arbors. You may also want to consider adding a misting system to these areas for the hottest summer days. Here are some cool and cozy ways to keep your outdoor living space cool and relaxing for summer entertaining:

3 Reasons To Consider Synthetic Turf

Maybe your yard is full of dead patches and you want to start a new yard from scratch, or you just bought a new home with nothing but dirt in the backyard. In any case, you need a new yard and are comparing your options, including synthetic turf. Synthetic turf has come a long way in recent years, offering the appearance of natural grass but with additional perks and much more convenience.