5 Benefits of Adding a Splash Pad to Your Yard

Splash pads have been popping up in public parks and water parks for years, but recently, more and more people have begun adding splash pads to their own backyard. The sprinklers and other water-related devices on a splash pad are great for kids and adults alike. The following are five benefits of adding a splash pad to your backyard.

1. You can cool off in the summer heat.

Especially if you live in a warm area, you may feel as though the only way to escape the summer heat is to spend all day inside in the air conditioning -- out of the sun. Before you know it, all of summer has passed by and you've barely been outside to enjoy the warm weather! A splash pad can change all of this. You can hang out in the yard, and whenever you feel a bit warm, you can run through the sprinklers to cool off. You'll end up spending more time outside enjoying the summer weather while it lasts.

2. Splash pads are safer than pools.

If you have considered adding a pool to your yard as a way of cooling off in the summer, a splash pad is a much safer alternative, especially if you have kids. You do not have to worry about someone slipping into the pool and drowning when you're not around. You can let kids use the splash pad without as close of supervision since they won't be submerged in the water. If your yard is not fenced in, you don't have to worry about anyone from the neighborhood sneaking in like you would with a pool, either. You can just turn the splash pad off when you're not around.

3. Splash pads spread less disease than pools.

With a pool, there is always the risk of spreading bacterial illness if the chlorine levels drop and bacteria are not killed effectively. With a splash pad, however, the water is not recycled -- so you are not sitting in the same water day in and day out. Public splash pads have sometimes been known to spread disease, but this typically happens when a child has an "accident" on the splash pad and it is not cleaned up properly. With a private splash pad, there should be few to no accidents—and if one does happen, you can carefully clean the area with bleach before anyone uses the splash pad again. 

4. Your parties can have a main theme.

Backyard parties are so much fun in the summer, but if there is no entertainment provided, people may get bored. When you have a splash pad, you don't have to worry about finding entertainment at the last minute—everyone will flock to the splash pad! They will love running through the water, regardless of how old they are. Your parties will be the talk of the town because you provided something fun and unique for your guests to do.

5. Your kids can have fun right in your own backyard.

Are you tired of your kids always asking you to drive them places where they can have fun in the summer? Taking your kids out for a fun day is enjoyable, but you'll run out of time if you do this too often. With a splash pad in the backyard, they'll have entertainment at their fingertips, and without you having to take them across town. This will save you time and gas money.

Splash pads are becoming more popular for a reason. They're a safe way to enjoy the water and cool off in the summer, and they provide fun for all ages. Get in touch with a company like Kraftsman Play that provides residential splash pads to learn more.