3 Simple Solutions To Update An Ordinary Patio

Whether constructed out of concrete, tile, or stone, a patio can be a great investment for your home. It can be used to place your grill or for dining outside with family and guests. Although functional, some patio designs can be a bit ordinary. Thankfully, you can enhance the look, value, and function of your ordinary patio with a few simple updates.

Heat Source

Warmer seasons are when most people enjoy their outdoor living spaces, but your patio can be an ideal spot for relaxing and entertaining even in the fall and winter. Adding some source of heat to your patio is a great way to ensure you can enjoy the outdoors all through the year.

Fortunately, there are many options available if you want to add some sort of heat source to your patio.

Many people are constructing an outdoor fireplace off their patio. A custom fireplace or one purchased from your local home improvement store are both excellent options. If you prefer something smaller, consider a stone or metal fire pit.

Arrange a conversational patio set or a few Adirondack chairs in front of the fireplace or around your fire pit for comfortable seating that you and your guests will enjoy.


A retractable awning is another simple solution for enhancing your ordinary patio.

Awnings can be installed on the side of your home, over your patio, allowing you to create a bit of shelter over your outdoor living space. This ensures your patio can be enjoyed even when it starts to rain, sleet, or even snow. Of course, the awning will also protect you from the sun's hot and harmful rays.

The sun can quickly heat a concrete or stone patio, making your space dangerous. You, your children, and even your pets will be at risk of burning your feet or bottoms while enjoying your patio in the summer. An awning will help keep your patio cool, helping you remain comfortable and safe from the summer heat and sun.


A fireplace or fire pit heat up your patio while providing some light, but adding other light sources will make your outdoor living space even more enjoyable.

Tall lanterns with battery-operated candles can be arranged around your patio for extra illumination at night. String lights can also be hung over the patio, making the space even more functional while dining or relaxing with your family and guests at night.

Installing lights into potted plants or accent lights in shrubs and trees around your patio will also enhance your ordinary outdoor living space.

Even a standard concrete slab patio from a place like Bear Claw Landscaping, Inc. can become an amazing outdoor living space. With these simple solutions, your ordinary patio will become extraordinary.