Longing For Green, Green Grass At Your New Home? Hydroseeding To The Rescue!

Buying a newly constructed home is an exciting experience, but establishing a green, grassy lawn on what was recently a construction site is a much less enjoyable part of this process. After the home is completed, many builders simply level the ground around the home, add a thin layer of top soil, and call it good. This leaves the homeowner to purchase and plant expensive grass seed and spend hours raking and removing rocks and clumps, only to find all their hard work washed away by the first hard rain. If you are trying to establish a healthy, vibrant stand of green grass at your new home with less work and worry, hydroseeding may be just what you need to save the day.

What is hydroseeding? 

Hydroseeding is an advanced way to plant grass seed so that it stays in place much better than grass planted by the old method of spreading the seed and covering it with loose straw. Instead, a slurry is made that includes grass seed and a mulching material, along with other ingredients. This slurry is then spread evenly on the soil, using a hydroseeding machine, which is somewhat like a giant sprayer. 

Why does hydroseeding work better than traditional seeding methods? 

Depending on the type of seeding to be done, the hydroseeding slurry will include specific ingredients to help it remain in place, sprout faster, and attract and retain necessary moisture for optimal growth. These ingredients can include a fertilizer mixture, along with lime, and a variety of plant growth stimulants for faster germination, along with polymers to help the seed remain in place until it sprouts and begins to take root. 

Can a hydroseeded lawn be walked on? 

While it is always best to be careful with any new stand of sprouting grass, hydroseeded lawns typically sprout in a week or less, and homeowners can safely walk around on it with little or no damage during that time. 

How do I care for a hydroseeded lawn? 

Other than regular watering, your hydroseeded lawn will need little or no care during the first few weeks. Depending on the climate, most hydroseeded lawns will reach mowing height at about one month of age. 

To learn more about hydroseeding and how it can help you attain a beautifully lush, green lawn with less work and worry, contact a landscaping contractor like Dirt Scapes LLC in your area who offers this service. In addition to establishing new lawns, hydroseeding can also be used to jump start grass growth on pond or water feature banks and dams, ditch lines, and bare spots where grass has been damaged, removed, or killed.