Are You Setting Up Your Child Care Center's Winter Safety Plan? 3 Things To Do When You Arrange For Snow Removal Services

When families come to your child care center, they trust you to have everything in place to keep them safe. While you love watching the kids slide outside on the playground equipment, the last thing you would ever want is to see one take a spill on the snow or ice. During the winter season, snow removal is one of your facility's biggest priorities during seasonal storms, and you can follow these steps to make sure that your safety plan covers inclement weather.

Schedule a Pre-Season Safety Inspection

You naturally know that the main walkways and parking areas need to be cleared, but there is much more that goes into creating a safe place during winter weather. During a pre-season safety inspection, commercial snow removal crews visit your property to look for potential problem areas. For instance, they may notice an area where water run-off from the roof creates a potential ice hazard on the ground. You can also use this initial meeting as an opportunity to discuss what you want done with the snow such as choosing the location for mounds to be placed or arranging for hauling services.

Choose Your Preferred Plan

Commercial snow removal services are usually offered in several different types of plans. For instance, you may arrange for the crew to come out only when the snow has accumulated to a certain amount of inches. Alternatively, you may prefer for the snow removal team to show up anytime there is winter precipitation to make sure that the property is safe. When you set up your plan, make sure to pick the schedule that best fits the safety requirements of your facility.

Inquire About Sanding and De-Icing Services

Snow is not the only hazard that you need to worry about this winter. Unfortunately, freezing weather also creates icy conditions that must be addressed at your facility. Sanding services are an option that helps to create traction in areas where slip-and-fall accidents are likely to happen. Your facility also benefits from the application of salt or de-icing materials that eliminate slippery surfaces. Talk to your snow removal crew about safe ways to de-ice walkways and playground areas so that your child care can operate as normal on wintry days.

Outdoor safety is always a priority at your child care facility, and winter weather poses a risk to anyone who visits while snow and ice are on the property. By knowing what to do to arrange for snow removal services before the first big storm of the season, you can be proactive and prevent a potential injury on your watch. Contact a service, like H & S Lawn Service LLC, for more help.