3 Cozy And Cool Ways To Keep Your Home's Outdoor Living Space Comfortable For Summer Entertaining

As the summer days get longer and your backyard gets hotter, it is time to start looking for ways to keep outdoor living space cool. There are many projects that can help, such as adding shade to sunny areas with privacy screens, fences, and garden arbors. You may also want to consider adding a misting system to these areas for the hottest summer days. Here are some cool and cozy ways to keep your outdoor living space cool and relaxing for summer entertaining:

1. Using Fencing To Add Partial Shade In Areas With Full Sun

Fencing is a versatile material to use in your landscaping design. It can be used as a conventional property barrier, as well as to create dividers for different spaces and add privacy to outdoor living spaces. In addition, you can use fencing to block direct sunlight and keep your outdoor sitting areas cool and cozy.

2. Privacy Screens And Trestles To Add More Shade To Outdoor Living Space

Privacy screens are like fencing, but they may have more custom designs and use different materials. Use privacy screens to add shade to your outdoor living space in areas like a deck sitting area. Trestles are another solution that you may want to consider to provide shade and privacy in different areas of landscaping and outdoor living spaces. Trestles also provide a solution to use climbing plants to provide shade, divide spaces, and improve privacy of outdoor spaces.

3. Using Trestles And Arbors To Create Cozy Sitting Areas For Warm Days And Cool Nights

One of the improvements that you may want to consider for your outdoor space is private areas around features like hot tubs and fire pits. For a hidden spa area around a hot tub, use an arbor for covering and trestles to create sides, and then, use climbing plants to cover them. In an area where you are planning on having a fire pit, use trestles to enclose the area and reduce heat loss during winter use. Avoid closing the area above a fire pit to reduce the risk of fire and allow smoke to escape.

These are some shady ways that will give your backyard living space cool areas to get a break from the sun during the longest days of the year. If you are ready for summer entertainment in your outdoor space, contact a landscaping service to help create cool, comfortable spaces that are an extension of your indoors and can be enjoyed all year with features like fire pits.  

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