Tips For Preparing Your Home Building Site Prior To Building

If you purchased a parcel of raw land to build your dream home on, then you will first need to clear it and properly prepare it for building. Exactly how you should clear the site depends entirely on the vegetation and grade present.

For example, a lot with a steep grade will need to be graded out flat for the future home's foundation, while a property loaded with trees and vegetation will need to be cleared first. If the time has come to get your new home's site prepared, then these tips will help you do so successfully:

Tip: Stake and Mark the Property

Once you start clearing and working, it is very hard to always know exactly where on the property you are, and this leads to clearing the wrong areas or chopping down trees you wanted to leave standing. For this reason, before you start clearing or grading the land for your family's new home, you need to stake out the place where you want to put your house and flag trees you don't want to remove.

To accomplish this, you can purchase inexpensive landscaping marking flags to stake out the home site and a roll of plastic tape to wrap around the trunks of trees to be preserved.

Tip: Enlist the Help of a Professional Forestry Mulching Service

If your parcel of land is loaded with large trees that are unsafe to cut down with a chainsaw or thick brush that will take eons to clear, then it is time to bring in a professional forestry mulching service. Forestry mulchers run large shredding and chipping machines that turn your unwanted trees and brush into mulch. The natural mulch can then later be used in your flower beds, vegetable gardens, and landscaping.

Tip: Have the Site Professionally Excavated and Graded

If your future home's plot of land is on the side of a hill, then it will need to be graded to create a flat place to put the foundation. If you plan to build a basement, then the land will need to be professionally excavated and all of the excess dirt hauled off.

Since neither of these things is a DIY project and must comply with all of the local building codes and proper easements, you will have to hire out this work. 

If your site needs a lot of clearing in addition to excavating and grading, then you can save some money by using one construction or landscaping company who can accommodate both needs. For more information, contact a forestry mulching service such as REDHILLSLANDMANAGEMENT.COM.