Saving The Environment And Your Wallet: 4 Landscaping Improvements That Reduce Waste

If you want to do your part to save the environment, energy efficient home improvement are great projects to take on. Even if you have your doubts about issues like climate change, some of these improvements are still good investments to help reduced utility costs and keep more money in your wallet. The landscaping of your home is in the area where simple improvements to mechanical systems like exterior lighting and irrigation systems can greatly reduce waste of water and energy. Here are some of the landscaping improvements for mechanical systems outside your home to help you reduce water and energy consumption:

1. Use Rain Water To Water Your Lawn And Landscaping

Rainwater is one of the most useful resources that you have around your home. By simply adding pipes to the downspouts and a couple of rain barrels, you have the water you need for watering your lawn and irrigation for other landscaping plants. Since the water from rain barrels is clean, it can be used for common landscaping irrigation with a minimal amount of filtration. Be sure that these systems don't get in the way of lawn mowers and other landscaping equipment. If you run into problems be sure to call a company like Eastlake Rent-All Inc. to get help repairing your equipment.

2. Greywater Recycling To Water Vegetable Garden And Reduce Train On Plumbing Systems

Grey water recycling is something that you will want to use for things like a watering a vegetable garden. This water can be used to irrigate plants with a minimum amount of filtration, but you will want to use more extensive filtering if you plan on using it for watering your lawn or other common landscape irrigation needs. This is due to the smells and other things that may be found in greywater.

3. Making Exterior Lights At Entrances And Security Lighting Solar Powered

The exterior lights of your home have several functions, such as to light up entranceways or to provide security lighting for the exterior of your home. Recently, improvements in solar panels, as well as battery technology have made it possible to install attractive exterior lights for your home that provide enough light for these needs.

4. Small Solar Powered Lights For Paths And Other Landscaping Design Features

There may be smaller lights that you have in your landscaping design. These lights may have several functions which include lighting up past or providing attractive nighttime accents to landscaping designs. These lights can often be powered by a single small solar power panel or by integrated solar cells and small batteries. If you have any lights in your landscaping that are powered by your household electrical system, upgrade them with modern solar powered landscaping lighting.

These are some improvements to the outside of your home that will make it more efficient and environmentally friendly. If you need help with some of these improvements, contact at landscaping service for help with the design of the installation of the systems.