4 Ways To Change Outdoor Spaces With Concrete Hardscaping And Custom Finishes

There are many ways that you want to consider to make over the landscaping of your home, which may include trendy outdoor living spaces. When creating outdoor living spaces for your home, you want these features to be attractive and include custom finishers. Concrete is an affordable material that you can use to create these custom finishes for your outdoor spaces. Here are some of the different ways you can use concrete solutions to give your outdoor space custom finishes.

1. Epoxy Concrete Coatings To Add Color To Outdoor Spaces

One of the options that you may want to consider for your outdoor spaces to use epoxy coatings. These are going to add a durable surface to the outdoor spaces and more landscaping. The epoxy materials are a great solution for concrete surfaces inside and outside your home. Epoxy coatings are also great for areas that are vulnerable to stains and damage, such as garages and shops.

2. Acid Staining Solutions To Add Custom Outdoor Concrete

Another solution that you may want to consider for your outdoor spaces is using acid staining. This is a great solution if you want to create the look of natural stone slabs. In addition to the look of natural stone, acid staining can also be used to create custom patterns for areas like personalized tile features for entrances or other areas of gardens and landscaping.

3. Simulated Masonry Using Stamped Concrete And Seal Coating

Simulate masonry can be a costly solution for hardscaping features in landscaping. There are many options using concrete to create the look of stone and masonry. Stamped concrete is an affordable solution to create hardscaping features in your landscaping. Adding seal coating to stamped concrete is a great way to give these hardscaping features attractive colored finish.

4. Repairs That Look Like Natural Stone With Concrete Overlayments

There are often problems with concrete that will require repairs, which may require the materials to be torn up. To repair the concrete and give it a fresh custom finish, such as using concrete overlays. Concrete overlays give you options to give your concrete a custom stone look that resembles natural materials that cost twice as much.  

These are some of the different ways that you want to consider to give you our outdoor spaces custom concrete finishes. If you need help creating custom hardscaping for your outdoor living spaces, contact a landscaping service like Land Craft and talk to them about some of these options.