A Lot Of Weeds On Your Lawn? 3 Types Of Weeds And How To Remove Them

If your lawn has a lot of weeds, they can be hard to deal with. In some cases, weeds have strong roots and also reseed easily, so they are a constant problem throughout the growing season. Keep reading to learn about three types of weeds that are commonly seen in yards and how to remove them.


Dandelions are easy to spot because of their yellow flowers. They may even look nice until you have them all over your yard. If you drive around your neighborhood, you may see many people with these weeds on their lawn as they are common. 

One thing about dandelions that make them difficult to remove is they have a long root system. This means even if you pull them out, they will quickly grow back again. You can use a hand shovel to dig deep to remove them but make sure you get the roots. Another great way to deal with dandelions is to ensure your grass stays thick and healthy. The grass will drown out the dandelions so they will not grow and will kill any already on the lawn. 


Thistle is another common weed found on lawns. They have flower heads that are large and red or purple. The leaves have sharp edges that are irregularly shaped. When they have no flowers on them the weeds lay flat on the ground. If you look at the leaves, they are wooly on one side. 

Your yard gets thistle from seeds that blow onto your lawn. Thistle can spread quickly, and you may have it all over your lawn. Dig deep into the soil to remove these weeds making sure you get the roots. You can also spray an herbicide on the weeds, but this works best in the spring when the weeds first start emerging from the ground. You will have to continue to spray the weeds throughout the growing seasons to keep them away. 


Bindweed is invasive and can spread quickly throughout your yard. If you have this weed, you may notice it in flower gardens or anywhere you have topsoil. This weed has long stems that can easily wrap around things. If you have bushes in your yard, it is common for this weed to wrap inside the bushes making it very hard to remove. The only way is to pull the bindweed out which may be a few feet long.  

This weed is very hard to control and remove. The only thing you can do is remove the weed as soon as you see it emerge from the ground. What makes these weeds so dangerous is they can live for many years. 

Hire a weed control service to take care of your weeds for you. They can determine the type of weeds you have on your lawn and then remove them.