Maintaining Your Home's Lawn

Effective lawn care practices can keep your property looking its best while also minimizing the amount of labor and the costs that you will have to pay in order to preserve this part of your landscaping. While effective lawn maintenance can be integral for your property, it can be easy to make a series of mistakes that could severely impair your ability to maintain this highly visible portion of your landscaping.

Fill Thinning Patches Of The Lawn

Some of the areas on your lawn will be prone to thin. This can occur due to localized health problems with the lawn or pest activity. After you have addressed the underlying cause of the thinning lawn so that it can not spread, you will have to spend the effort to fill in this area of the landscaping. Failing to fill in the thin patches of the lawn could increase the prospects of substantial weed growth starting to occur. If you act when the lawn is still in the early stages of thinning in these places, you can potentially correct this with the use of a rapidly growing grass seed. These seeds can quickly sprout and begin to fill in these bare patches so that they will seamlessly blend into the surrounding lawn.

Supplement The Nutrients In The Soil With Fertilizers And Topdressing

As the grass grows on your property, it will gradually deplete the nutrients that are in the soil, which can lead to the growth rate of the lawn severely decreasing over time. To avoid this, homeowners should supplement the nutrients in their topsoil at least once a year. The use of traditional fertilizer products can be one of the most common examples of this type of maintenance, but it is not the only solution. Topdressing can be an option that will allow the property owner to intermix new topsoil into their existing lawn. This can be a gentle way of restoring much of the nutrients that the grass needs to thrive.

Leave Enough Length When Mowing The Lawn

When mowing the lawn, it should be kept to at least a couple of inches in length. Individuals may be tempted to mow the lawn shorter to reduce the frequency that they will have to cut the grass. However, this can be a mistake as cutting the grass too low could make it much easier for weeds to germinate and start growing. By leaving at least a couple of inches available for the lawn, you can significantly impair the ability of weeds to take root and grow by depriving them of the space and sunlight that they will need.

For more information, reach out to a local lawn maintenance service.