5 Inspirations For A Pond Design Project

The design phase of a pond installation project requires some forethought. If you're not sure what you're going to do with a pond design, you can look to this list for some inspiration.

Irregular Form

One of the simplest ways to add some fun to a design is to use irregular forms. Kidney-shaped ponds are popular choices because they break up the edges of the pond, preventing it from being too circular or straight. You might also want to have it meander a bit, especially if you're installing the pond in a larger space.

Waterfall Installation

A waterfall is an excellent option for adding a feature to a pond. It will serve the practical purpose of stirring the pond water, ultimately reducing stagnation. A waterfall design can also add noise to a landscape, giving the space an auditory element in addition to the waterfall's movement. Likewise, a waterfall provides a vertical feature that can stand out from the pond and the surrounding landscape. You can also stagger the fall, creating multiple tiers to make it more interesting and complex.


Most pond design projects are part of larger landscaping efforts. This means you can integrate flowers into the larger design. Particularly, water flowers can add a lot of joy to a pond design. Lilies, for example, are a traditional choice. Water flowers can also attract birds and amphibians, adding a layer of life to the pond area.


A small footbridge across a pond can make the space more traversable. It also will incorporate another focal element. Especially if you're trying to find one more thing to give the pond design some extra interest, a bridge can be exciting. Ideally, you can place it in one of the less visually busy parts of the pond to let the bridge play a starring role.


Visual depth also has a lot of value. The idea is to develop a foreground, middle ground, and background. For example, the foreground might be a path leading to the pond. The middle ground can be the pond itself and the bridge. You can then place a waterfall installation in the right spot to be the background.

The depth components should also reward walking around the space. Placing a tree near the pond in the middle ground, for example, can block a little bit of the background. When a person walks around it, they can discover what's hiding in the rear.

For more pond design ideas, contact a local service.