Recommendations For A Smart Sprinkler Installation

A sprinkler system is essential for the maintenance of your lawn, especially when you want to maximize your water usage and minimize water loss. A sprinkler system that is well built and installed with proper consideration is going to provide you with the flexibility of watering exactly where you want to and at exactly the right time to avoid evaporation loss, so it is important to install a successful system. Here are some tips that you can use to make your sprinkler installation more successful.

Arrange the Layout

The layout of your yard is unique to your own property, and it spans around your home, around pavement and patios, and is broken up with bedding areas and rock features. For this reason, you need a sprinkler system plan that is just as unique. Draw out a sprinkler plan map of your yard so you can designate a position for each sprinkler in your yard. It can be helpful to use grid paper or use an online template to establish your sprinkler design.

Each sprinkler needs to align on one or more sprinkler zones so that the sprinklers have the appropriate amount of water pressure to spray at full range. Placing ten sprinklers in one zone, for example, will result in not having enough water pressure to reach all of the sprinklers, and you will end up with dry spaces on the lawn at the end of the zone. 

Space the sprinklers with their spray capacity in mind, and position them so the patterns overlap slightly. It is better if the edges of the sprinklers overlap because the edge spray can be lighter and will result in dry areas on your lawn. When you overlap the spray, you cover all the lawn's areas and you ensure the lawn is fully irrigated.

Choose Your Sprinkler Heads

It is similarly important to select your sprinkler heads based on your zones and the spray capacity and on how long you run your sprinklers for. Some low flow sprinklers, for example, will not spray as much water as a higher flow sprinkler, and running both sprinklers for twenty minutes will not provide even water coverage. The lawn around the low flow sprinklers will receive less water. 

To take this into consideration, use the same type and style of sprinklers on your sprinkler system or at least for each zone. You can adjust the time each zone will spray for so the areas of the lawn will receive the required amount of water each week.

Contact a professional for more information about sprinkler system installation