Installing New Sod For Your Landscaping

The lawn for your property will be one of its most distinctive features. Sod is one of the more popular options for providing a property with a lush and beautiful lawn. However, you may not have had much direct personal experience with sod in the past, and this may lead to issues as you attempt to evaluate whether this is a good option for your property.

Sod Can Offer Important Benefits Over Planting Grass Seed Or Leaving The Soil Bare

Planting grass from seed can take several weeks or longer before it will grow enough to fill in the bare area. In contrast, sod can offer a rapid solution for refilling in the bare spots so that the look of your landscaping can be restored. This can also be useful in areas that experience fairly rapid runoff as the force of the water could wash the seeds away before they are able to sprout and start to grow.

The Newly Installed Sod Should Have Ample Time Before Mowing It

While the sod can rapidly restore the visual appearance of your property, it is important to be mindful of the fact that it will need several weeks or longer to fully acclimate to your property. During this time, the roots of the sod will need to be able to grow into the soil. As a result, it is generally advisable to avoid mowing the lawn for several weeks until this process has been completed. Otherwise, the force of vibrations from the lawnmower may actually be able to damage the roots during this sensitive process. Furthermore, you may want to minimize walking on the sod until this has finished. While this may be slightly disruptive and inconvenient, it can allow the grass enough time to fully grow into the soil.

Any Damaged Portions Of The Sod Should Be Quickly Patched

At some point, the lawn may suffer damage in isolated areas. Often, this can be the result of animal activity, erosion patterns, or other issues that could lead to unsightly bare patches of your lawn. These areas will need to be patched and filled with new sod as quickly as possible. Otherwise, the bare area could lead to the soil under the surrounding grass eroding away. Not surprisingly, these are problems that will have the ability to rapidly worsen if they are not filled. Luckily, sod can be an economical and rapid option for filling these areas. Furthermore, it is possible to cut the sod to the exact shape of the bare spot.

For more information on sod installation, contact a company near you.