How Homeowners Can Successfully Manage Tree Removal

There are a couple of scenarios that would make tree removal a good idea. Maybe it's a tree that is dying or is causing too much shade and thus preventing your lawn from growing. Whatever the case, you want to approach this process carefully using these strategies.

Make Sure You're Legally Allowed to Remove It

There are some homes today that are required to have trees according to the HOA (homeowners association). If you have one, then you want to make sure you're legally allowed to remove this tree to avoid fines. 

You can speak with an HOA representative and see what you need to do to push this process along. You might have to get permits or have valid proof that a tree needs to be removed. Just make sure you work out these legalities so that you don't have to deal with consequences after this removal process is done.

Verify Tree Is on Your Property

Some trees are positioned in a way where it makes it hard to determine who's responsible for managing them. If you're trying to remove one of these trees, you want to verify which property it's on exactly. 

You may have to work with a site surveyor to learn more about your property's lines, but this precaution is important for not running into conflicts with surrounding neighbors. If the tree turns out to be part of your property, then you can move forward with tree removal. Whereas if it's on someone else's property, you'll either have to get their permission or leave it alone. 

Invest in a Good Chainsaw

An important part of removing a tree on your property is taking the branches off one by one. Then you can slowly start working down towards the stump. You'll need some quality chainsaws to remove thick branches and limbs in an effective manner.

There are chainsaws specifically made for tree removal activities and those are the ones you want to focus on in your search. They need to be light, have great cutting capabilities, and remain safe to work with at all times. These properties will make removing branches an easier task to manage.

If you've come across a situation that makes it necessary to remove a tree or two, being prepared and working out your exact removal process will be key in avoiding issues. Just make sure you have the right to do so and use the proper equipment. Contact a company like Dp Tree Removal and Landscaping for more information.