What to Know if You Want an Outdoor Kitchen to Cook Pizza

Having an outdoor kitchen is a nice way to spend time with your family outside and enjoy the pizza that you prepare. Pizza cooked in an oven outside tastes much better than when cooked in your home kitchen. Keep reading for information that will help you choose the best pizza oven for your backyard.  

1. Understanding Your Options

You will find that most pizza ovens in the market are suitable for outdoors. One thing is are you planning to put a cover over the oven. If you are using a cover, then it needs to be high enough for the smoke to find a way out. If the cover is lower, you will need to install a vent on the covering that attaches to the oven for the smoke to come out.

You'll also determine the oven material. Here are a few of your options:

  • You can find outdoor pizza ovens made of stainless steel. These are beneficial as stainless steel is durable and holds up well outside. Stainless steel can remain beautiful if you clean it each day.
  • Brick outdoor pizza ovens are also available and popular. Brick is sturdy and will stand up for a long time. You do have to ensure the brick is sealed properly to protect it from the elements. Brick ovens are much heavier when compared to stainless steel so they may require a forklift to bring them into your backyard. 
  • For something less expensive there are portable outdoor pizza ovens. These generally have wheels so you can wheel the oven to wherever you want it to be.

No matter what you choose you can find ovens in a variety of sizes. This means you could cook more than one pizza at a time if you choose a large model.

2. Placing the Pizza Oven

Placing the outdoor pizza oven near your home is beneficial. This way you will not have to travel far to bring food and supplies that you need to the oven. Also, the side of your home will act as a shield from wind and rain.

Having the pizza oven close to your home can save you money. This is because it will cost a lot more to run electrical lines from your home to an oven that is further away. Have a patio placed in the backyard to sit the pizza oven on or you could simply install a concrete slab big enough for the oven. 

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