5 Ways To Rejuvenate Your Concrete Patio Pad

Your patio should be a place to enjoy your yard. If the old concrete pad is damaged or looking bad, it may be time to repair or replace it.

1. Resurfacing

Resurfacing is an option best used on patios that are in relatively good condition but have some pitting and surface crumbling that can't be patched attractively. Your concrete contractor will grind the surface down. They will then install a new layer of concrete over the top, which will bond with the ground surface below. This new layer of concrete can be finished however you like, either with texturing or decorative stamping.

2. Overlay Installation

Overlays are a good option for covering stains, small cracks, and pits. As long as the damaged patio pad is stable and level, overlaying is an option. There are different types of overlays. Tiling is one highly decorative and effective option. An aggregate overlay is another common and attractive choice. A decorative aggregate stone of choice is mixed with a clear binder and then applied to the surface of the old patio pad. 

3. Mudjacking

If the pad has sunk, such as due to drainage issues beneath the base, you may be able to have it jacked up to level again. A concrete service will force a slurry beneath the patio pad to lift it to level, and then they will pack the void firmly to stabilize the base again. If the concrete is undamaged, this may be the only repair needed. In the event of the pad cracking, resurfacing or an overlay may also be required for a full repair.

4. Painting and Dying

Not all patio damage is structural. Stains and discolorations can sink deeply into a concrete patio, becoming nearly impossible to remove. In this case, a surface treatment is all that is necessary. A concrete service can paint the patio with a paint formulated for outdoor flooring use. If you are concerned about eventual fading and flaking, another option is to have the concrete acid dyed. These dyes are absorbed into the chemical structure of the cement, which makes them permanent.

5. Replacement

In some cases, the damage is too severe to repair. Wide cracks, uneven paving that can't be leveled, extensive crumbling, and a failing base are all issues that the above repairs can't fully address. In this case, it is a better choice to remove the old patio completely and have a new one rebuilt in its place.

Contact a concrete patio contractor if you need more assistance.