Spring Sprinkler Repairs To Prepare For Green Landscaping This Summer

If you want to have a greener lawn this summer, it is important that your landscaping has the water it needs. You might need to have your sprinkler system repaired. Often, there are problems with sprinkler systems due to the winter weather and the system not being properly maintained. The following sprinkler maintenance and repair tips will help you prepare to have greener landscaping this summer:

Connecting and Testing Backflow Prevention Devices

The first step to prepare your sprinklers is to connect the backflow prevention device. The backflow prevention device is meant to prevent the contamination of tap water that goes into your home. Therefore, testing is important when the system is reconnected in spring. This is why this is maintenance that you may want to leave up to professional sprinkler services.

Inspecting the Sprinkler Lines for Leaks  

There are also problems with sprinkler lines that can start over the winter months. The problem is the water that gets left in the lines can cause cracking and damage to the pipe when it freezes. The signs of leaking sprinkler lines that need to be repaired include:

  • Green patches of grass where lines are leaking
  • Puddling of water in low spots
  • Sprinkler heads that seem to have weak pressure

You will want to repair or replace any damaged lines before using your system. To prevent these issues, blow the lines out with air before winterizing them in autumn.

Replacing Any Damaged Sprinkler Heads

Sometimes, sprinkler heads can be damaged throughout the summer season or when you forget about them during the winter months. Therefore, there may be some sprinkler heads that need to be replaced before you can use your irrigation system. Damage to sprinkler heads that requires replacement includes:

  • Broken springs that cause the riser to not work properly
  • Cracked sprinkler heads that cause issues with the spray nozzle
  • Broken or missing deflector

The sprinkler heads need to be replaced before setting the controller to start using your irrigation system. Sometimes, the problems can also be the riser pipes, which can be replaced.

Testing and Upgrades for the Sprinkler Controls

The controls will also need to be tested before you can use your irrigation system. You want to set the programming to turn the sprinklers on to ensure it is working correctly and test network connections if you have a system with features like weather and network access for weather forecasting. If you have an old timer-style sprinkler control panel, it may be time to upgrade it with modern controls that have features to help maximize the efficiency of irrigation systems.

The first step in preparing your sprinkler system for warmer weather is to connect the backflow prevention device. If you are ready to start preparing your landscaping, contact a company like Giant Landscaping LLC for assistance.