Why Now Is the Perfect Time to Visit Your Local Garden Center

If you are looking for the perfect remedy for the winter blues, look no further than your local garden center. While the spring planting season may be a few months away, the winter season is the perfect time to plan your dream garden that will bring you joy from spring through fall. Getting a plan in place and visiting your local garden center will not only cheer you up on dreary days, but it will also get your spring garden off to the great start.

1. Time to plan

When gardening season arrives, you may not have the time to spend in detailed planning. Starting early gives you a chance to visit your local garden center and discuss any new plants or items they anticipate getting in for the gardening season. You can often find items on sale from last year to use in your garden plan for spring.

2. Research new things

With the homesteading trend growing in popularity, garden centers now provide new gardening products and varieties of plants. Some things to research include new ways of growing plants, trends in container or raised bed gardening, and new varieties of plants and flowers you may wish to add to your next garden landscape.

3. Get a design in place

What could be more fun than dreaming about your spring garden? Take your dreams one step further by sketching out a new layout for your garden based on your research. Take your design to your local garden center and ask them for suggestions for which plants and varieties of vegetables may do best for your soil and climate conditions.

4. Get some houseplants and herbs

Who says you have to wait for spring to arrive before you can enjoy gardening? Visit your local garden center and pick up some new houseplants to satisfy your gardening desires. Another great way to nurture your gardening instincts is to start an indoor herb garden to make sure you have plenty of fresh herbs on hand for cooking or to use for making your own scented sachets.

If you enjoy gardening, the offseason can be difficult. You long for warmer days when you can get your hands in the soil and try out new varieties of flowers and vegetables for your garden. Planning your garden is the perfect prescription for the winter blues and will make sure you are ready to get started when the growing season is right in your area.