Other Than Walls, Here Are Some Ways To Use Masonry In Your Yard

When you think of masonry, you probably picture a brick or stone wall. And indeed, for years, masonry was primarily used to make walls. However, it is now far more than a structural element. It can be used to build creations that are both strong and beautiful. If you'd like to add some masonry to your yard or landscape, but you don't need a wall, here are a few options to explore.


A fountain can add a really relaxing vibe to an outdoor space. The sound of water tumbling down a series of masonry steps or a masonry slope is enough to put anyone in a good mood. Plus, masonry can be made to look clean and polished, or wilder and more rustic — depending on the type of fountain you want to create. If you've always thought a fountain was too posh for your backyard's look, a masonry fountain will give you a more rustic look.

Masonry Pads

Another option is to use masonry to build a solid pad in your backyard. You can use red brick for a more rustic look or smooth limestone for a more modern, polished appearance. Then, you can use this masonry pad in a few different ways. Park your grill on it. Set up a comfortable chair, and sit there to read a book. Set up an easel, and paint in your backyard. The possibilities are endless. The masonry will stand up to wear while protecting anything you place on it from mud and dirt.

A Fireplace

Do you wish you could more safely have campfires in your backyard? With a permanent outdoor fireplace, you can. Your masonry expert can work with you to create a custom design. You can make a tall fireplace with a built-in chimney, a ring-like fire pit, or something in between. There are stones, bricks, and mortar that will stand up to the heat and keep your fire contained.

A Pathway

Flat stones and bricks can also be used to make walkways throughout your property. You can create a walkway that leads to the back of your land, or one that winds through a garden. The masonry will keep your feet dry and clean so you can walk through your yard without worrying about tracking dirt indoors.

There are so many great ways to use masonry to build things other than walls. Talk to a masonry builder to learn more about these and other options.