3 Services The Turf Management Company You Hire For Your Apartment Complex Should Offer

You should expect the turf management company you hire for your apartment complex to cut the grass and make sure that it doesn't die throughout the year. But your service provider should do a lot more for you than just mowing and mulching. Here are a few important services the turf management company you decide to hire should be able to offer:

Soil Testing and Conditioning

One important service your turf management company should offer is soil testing and conditioning.

The soil in areas like the community playground or picnic spots might be unbalanced due to a lot of foot traffic, while other areas that don't see a lot of foot traffic might be healthy. So if only one area is continually tested, some places may not get the attention and care needed to maintain a healthy look and feel.

Because of this, your turf company should test the soil in multiple areas on your property to determine the health of the soil overall. If the PH balance is off anywhere or a disease is found, the company should re-condition and treat the soil where necessary to achieve and maintain a balanced and health turf property-wide.

Weed Control and Management

Instead of just mowing over the weeds to make them look like part of the grass, your turf management company should be able and willing to actually get rid of the weeds without killing off the grass. When the weeds are weeded out, the grass won't grow as quickly or look as shabby when it does get a little longer.

While the grass might look beautiful when it's freshly cut, your residents will likely start to see the signs of weeds within just a couple of days. And if the weeds are left to live with the grass, they'll continue reproducing and may end up taking your grass over so much that it all has to be completely replaced. So make sure that the turf management company has the tools, chemicals, and know-how to identify and get rid of all types of weeds throughout your apartment community.

Seasonal Cleanup and Planting Services

Your residents expect their surroundings to be clean and pretty, so it's important to clean up the dying plants and debris at the beginning of each season. You will probably also have to replace your seasonal plants with new ones depending on what time of year it is. Instead of letting the flower plants die and wilt in the winter, you can replace them with hedges or evergreen plants that will thrive in the cold.

When summer time comes around, you can replace the hedges with vibrant tomato plants that residents can pick and enjoy in the privacy of their own apartments. And the turf management company you hire should be able to handle all of your seasonal cleanup and planting needs throughout the year.