Yes, You Can Have A Lawn In The Desert! 5 Tips For Success

Do you want a lawn but live in the desert? Most people assume that a beautiful lawn is incompatible with desert living due to the heat, sun, and high water needs. However, you can have the grass you want even under these conditions. Here are a few tricks to make it happen.  1. Prepare the Soil Desert soil may not be amenable to growing many types of grasses. Unfortunately, that means you may have to work harder and water more to make up for this fundamental problem.

Don't Destroy Those Fallen Leaves! Use Them Instead

Are you using leaves as part of your lawn care management program? If not, you could be missing out on a valuable resource that saves both time and money. To help you make the most of the leaves that fall in your yard, here are a few key do’s and don’ts to apply at home.  1. Do Consider Composting. Composting uses the organic debris and castoffs from landscape maintenance to help revive that landscape as well.

Environmentally Friendly Landscaping Tips

Managing your property’s landscaping can be a constant obligation that you will have to meet if you are to keep the home in good condition. Unfortunately, there are many ways that this work can negatively impact the environment. As a result, individuals may feel pressure to adopt more environmentally-friendly landscaping practices that will effectively minimize these potential damages and problems. Letting Leaves And Clippings Decay Naturally  Reducing your need to use fertilizers on your landscaping can be a major step in reducing the environmental impact that it has.

Tips to Add in and Maintain Vegetation to Your Yard's Landscaping

Spring is arriving and summer is not far behind, so now is a good time to complete some yard maintenance and improvement before the weather gets too hot. Spring yard maintenance is also beneficial to your vegetation to help it get a good start to establish roots and leaf growth before the high temperatures of summer arrive. Here are some helpful tips to use as you plant vegetation and maintain landscaping elements within your yard.

3 Things To Know When Hiring Tree Removal Services

There are many ways in which trees can be beneficial. Trees often provide shade, add value to your property, and enhance your landscape. While there are plenty of reasons to want trees on your property, you may need to consider tree removal on occasion. Whether a tree is in a problematic location, is diseased or damaged, or poses a threat to a nearby structure, tree removal services are essential if you plan to remove trees from your property.

Installing New Sod For Your Landscaping

The lawn for your property will be one of its most distinctive features. Sod is one of the more popular options for providing a property with a lush and beautiful lawn. However, you may not have had much direct personal experience with sod in the past, and this may lead to issues as you attempt to evaluate whether this is a good option for your property. Sod Can Offer Important Benefits Over Planting Grass Seed Or Leaving The Soil Bare