Removing A Deeply Rooted Tree: Common FAQs

Depending on the type of tree you have on your property, the actual tree that you see can be only a small portion of the plant's full structure. Tree roots can reach many feet into the ground, and they can also be expansively widespread around the perimeter of the tree's trunk. When you opt to have a tree removed from your property, these roots are definitely something to consider. A deeply rooted tree can disrupt several aspects of your landscape, as well as cause problems long after the tree itself has been removed. Take a look at a few of the most common questions property owners have about deeply rooted trees. 

Can the roots of the tree be fully removed?

Whether all of the tree roots can be removed will depend on how deep the roots are, which is not always easy to evaluate. Most tree removal service professionals will cut down the tree, remove the stump using a stump grinder, and drill away any major roots that are visible once the stump is out of the way. Removing all of the roots can require an extensive process of opening up the ground to reach the tree roots and remove them individually. 

How long does it take tree roots to die after the tree is removed?

The deterioration of tree roots can be an incredibly slow process with most tree species. It is usually recommended to wait around four to five years for tree roots to start to break down before planting another tree in the same spot as the old tree that was removed. And, even then, the roots may not be completely gone. If a tree and its stump are removed properly by a tree service professional, they will use industrial shears to cut the primary roots and bury those roots underground. This helps to encourage the natural decay process. 

Can a new tree sprout if just the roots are remaining?

A new tree can sprout if only the roots are remaining, but this is not likely to happen with every tree species. Some tree species are capable of thriving even when only roots are remaining. And, some invasive species will aggressively send out new shoots to grow new trees so the root system is still garnering nutrients from above the ground. In these situations, it can be necessary to do an extensive excavation process to remove the underground roots and prevent further problems. 

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