Tips For Trimming A Tree With The Goal Of Crown Raising

Do you have a tree in your yard that you wish you could stand under? If the tree is substantial in size, you should be able to trim it in a way that raises its crown — or in other words, creates more space beneath it. This is not terribly difficult if you have sharp shears and you feel comfortable on a ladder. However, you will want to follow the tips below for the best results.

Don't raise the crown more than a couple of feet per year.

Even if you want to raise the tree's crown a substantial 6 or 8 feet, you should not do this all at once. Your tree needs the leaves on its branches in order to capture sunlight that it can use to make food. If you take away too many branches at once, the tree may struggle to provide for itself. In general, you should only aim to raise the crown about two or three feet per year. So do your trimming, wait a year, and then do some more.

Leave a little branch behind.

If your goal is to lounge or sit under the tree, you may not want a lot of little stubs sticking out from the trunk where you removed branches. However, it is best to leave these little nubs when you trim the branches away. The area where the branch meets the trunk is called the branch collar, and it holds a lot of vascular tissue. It's best not to cut through this tissue. Over time, the stump left behind will diminish so your tree's trunk has a smoother, more even appearance.

Remove branches with a more horizontal angle first.

Before removing a branch from the tree, look carefully at the angle at which it emerges from the trunk. You are best off removing the branches that stretch out horizontally from the tree first, as these take up the most space beneath the tree. Branches that emerge at more of an upward angle can sometimes be left in place. Since you want to avoid removing any more branches than necessary, it's best to leave the most angled branches in place.

If your goal is to raise the crown of your tree, then employing the tips above should make for a more productive, effective trimming session. Don't hesitate to call a tree trimming company like Jonny's Tree & Landscaping Co., LLC if you need any assistance with this endeavor.