How to Create An "Instagram Garden"

Now is the time of year when the weather is getting warmer, the days are getting longer, and people are preparing their gardens for the summer. If you are an Instagram lover, then you know that a uniquely designed garden with bright colors and eccentric features can give you a lot of followers and as well as likes in Instagram. This means that you need to design your garden in a manner that will make your Instagram pictures gorgeous. You should consider hiring professional landscaping services to help you in designing your garden if you don't have gardening skills. So, how do you create an "Instagram garden"?

Use an Outdoor Garden to Create a Cosy Look

You should not be worried in case your garden does not have a lawn or deck. However, using an outdoor mat/rug in the gardens' seating area can help to make it look neater and Instagram photo-friendly. In addition, outdoor rugs will bring a comfortable feeling to your feet, particularly if you like to remove your shoes when outdoors. Always remember to store the rugs indoors whenever you are not using them.

Add Soft Lighting

Adding soft lighting to your garden can make its appearance more inviting. You can choose to install fairy lights, which are affordable and versatile, and they make Instagram photos to look fabulous. Try putting these lights in creative designs, like hanging them over the seating area. If your garden has an extra space, you can consider hanging overhead stringed lanterns. These lights will not only make the garden have an extra stylish appearance, but they also make it possible to take photos even when it's dark.  

Use Unique Ornaments to Decorate Your Garden

Adding unique ornaments to your garden can help in creating an attention-grabbing spot, which you can use as you take Instagram pictures. Some of the ornaments you place in your garden will not only make your Instagram pictures to stand out, but they will also impress the people you entertain in your life.

Second-hand items tend to produce some of the best items that you can use in a garden. You can find some of these items in boot sales, salvage yards, and antique shops.

Use Containers to Add Greenery and Color

If you don't have a large garden where you can grow plants, don't worry. Container gardening can come in handy in this situation, and it is ideal for any garden setting, including city balconies and tiny terraces. When choosing Instagram-friendly containers, select stylish posts with bright colors. Try as much as possible to choose consistent colors as this helps in keeping everything organized. You can consider using artificial flowers if you do not have the time to look after natural plants and flowers.

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