3 Advantages Of Natural Stone Patios

Hardscaping refers to all types of landscaping that make use of hard materials for landscaping installations, particularly patios, hence the fairly straightforward name. While a wide variety of different materials can be classified as hardscaping materials, natural stone is by far the most common for most residential backyards. Understanding some of the unique material benefits that natural stone has to offer as a patio material can help you figure out if building a natural stone patio is the right fit for your landscaping design needs.

1. Durability

The most obvious and arguably the most important reason to consider choosing a natural stone patio is the fact that the individual stones are extremely durable and will hold up to weather exposure quite well. Natural stone is immune to the warping, rotting, and pest infestations that can affect hardwood patios, and it is also quite a bit more durable and thus able to withstand regular foot traffic to a much better extent. This means you are able to enjoy your patio for a longer period of time without having to worry about repairs or replacement, cutting down on long-run costs.

2. Lack of Necessary Maintenance

In a related train of thought to the above point, the natural durability and immunities of natural stone patios make them very low-maintenance surfaces for your backyard. Indeed, you can clean them off with a pressure washer without worrying about damaging their surface or bleaching away their color. The only real maintenance that is required to keep your patio in perfect condition over the years is a regular resealing, which prevents moisture from seeping into the stone and causing cracks when the temperature dips below freezing.

Another extremely important benefit of using natural stone for your patio material is the fact that if any section of your patio does end up becoming damaged, you can simply remove the stone itself and replace it with another one that is cut to the same size, reducing the disruption to the rest of your hardscaping space.

3. Aesthetic Customization

Another major advantage of choosing natural stone over other types of hardscaping material is the fact that you can create custom patterns out of natural stone due to the differently sized shapes and the various shades available. You can even mix together different types of natural stone, like using granite for walkways but edging it with marble, to create a truly distinctive and eye-catching space that ties your entire backyard together.

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