3 Important Maintenance Steps For Residential Landscapes

A home isn't complete until it has beautiful landscapes. Achieving them doesn't happen overnight. This requires a lot of time, patience, but most importantly, maintenance. To ensure your landscapes look great from all angles, take these steps. 

1. Mow Correctly 

Perhaps the most important aspect of caring for any landscape around your property is mowing it correctly. First and foremost, you need to make sure your lawn mower's blades are sharp enough to provide consistent cuts. Dull blades can actually damage grass and cause it to turn brown pretty quickly. 

You should also avoid scalping your grass (mowing it too short). Make sure the height of your blades are correct to avoid leaving dirt patches everywhere. Finally, try mowing when there isn't much sun outside. When the sun is out in full, your grass has the tendency of losing water much more quickly. Then when you mow, it would take much longer to recover. 

2. Get in the Habit of Controlling Weeds

Weeds are a natural enemy for every landscape. They can spread like wildfire and create eyesores that ultimately decreases your home's curb appeal. To combat weeds, you need to get in the habit of practicing weed control. If you're going to be physically removing weeds from the root, make sure you cover up the disturbed soil. Otherwise, weed seeds in the area will get enough light from the sun to germinate.

When you go to water, make sure you avoid getting weeds wet. You don't want them to grow any further, after all. To kill off weeds entirely, make sure you use the right solution. There are plenty of home-based solutions you can try, including vodka, liquid soap, and even plain boiling water.

3. Perfect Edging 

To give your landscapes balance, you need to perfect the art of edging. This is where you cut the perimeter of your landscapes to create an even edge. Even if you've never done this before, it doesn't have to be hard if you follow the right protocol.

One of the best tips for edging is not going too fast. Take your time going around the perimeter, so you avoid crooked lines. You should also consider buying a lightweight edging machine. You'll have way more control of it and can thus cut straighter lines if it doesn't weigh a lot. 

When people drive by, you want them to be impressed by your landscapes. You can ensure they are by putting a lot of effort into landscaping maintenance. As long as you master the right techniques for keeping landscapes healthy, you will always be happy with this aspect of your property. For more information, contact a company like Nature's Design Landscaping.