Add Water Features To Your Backyard With Hardscaping Service

When you enter your backyard, you may feel as if something is missing. The landscape may be covered in grass, flowers, trees, and pathways, but you may want to add more. While you can add a patio, deck, or fire pit, you may be most interested in adding several water features.

While landscaping professionals can help you with managing rainwater throughout your landscape, you will want to get hardscaping service to add dedicated water features.


If you want to add a beautiful feature to your property, you cannot go wrong with a waterfall. You can create a natural-looking waterfall with the strategical use of pebbles and stones. Since you will need to cycle the flowing water from the bottom to the top of the waterfall, you can work with hardscaping professionals to come up with a plan that creates a seamless setup.

This will provide you with an opportunity to introduce water plants. Choosing certain shapes, sizes, and colors with the pebbles and stones will help you create a waterfall that you love. The water trickling down will provide you with a soothing sound to enjoy whenever you are outside.


When you have a large backyard, making a waterfall may not be enough to satisfy your desire for water features throughout your landscape. While you could always add a second waterfall, you can also create a fountain. This will provide you with an opportunity to create water sounds because the fountain shoot water up into the air or it can trickle down in a multi-level fountain.

If you want to design the fountain to be easily accessible by birds, you can make it an ideal place for most birds to use for taking baths. This is an ideal option when you love the idea of birdwatching and have not been able to attract a large variety of birds to your property.


While a gazebo may not be a water feature on its own, you will find that building a gazebo gives you the perfect home for a hot tub. This will allow your hot tub to be covered and even cooled down by a fan if you decide to install one on the ceiling of the gazebo. You may even want to put the gazebo close to a waterfall or fountain to feel even more relaxed while in the hot tub.

Hiring professionals for hardscaping is a smart choice when you want to add water features. For more information, contact a company like White Oak Land Management.