The Best Greenery For Preventing Soil Erosion

If you are seeing a lot of soil erosion on your property, it may be time to consider some soil erosion control measures. Thankfully, soil erosion is easily managed with lots of different grasses, trees, shrubs, ground cover plants, and even fungi. The following all-natural solutions might be some worth buying and planting, depending on how much sunlight is cast on the eroded areas.


Who does not like to see those pretty and fragrant purple and white flowers all over their yards? Clover is a natural solution to preventing soil erosion because its roots go deep into the soil and spread out like a net. It is a pretty way to add dots of color to your yard too, plus rabbits, cows, and horses love the stuff. Additionally, clover attracts honey bees, and the plant's leaves and flowers are completely edible and safe for human consumption (in case you would like to try a clover salad!).

Timothy Grass

Timothy grass seed is a common ingredient in most grass seed mixes. This has everything to do with the facts that Timothy grass holds the soil in place very well, and it grows in any amount of sunlight. It does tend to grow very high, very quickly too, so you will either have to mow it a lot or switch your horses and cows from pasture to pasture (if applicable). Timothy grass is also favored by rodents for its sweet taste. Ergo, do not be too surprised if you suddenly see a lot of rabbits munching on the new grass.

Evergreen Bushes

Many evergreen bushes produce an extended, net-like system of roots. The dirt cannot shake or blow loose from the ground when you have these bushes planted. The downside to planting these bushes, however, is that their roots intentionally seek out underground water sources, including sewer pipes, and the roots will choke off the pipes. Ergo, refrain from planting these bushes too close to sewer pipes.

Hardwood Trees

Some hardwood trees, such as white oak and anything from the hickory family, have extensive and deep root systems. Lots of roots plus deep root systems equals a lack of soil erosion. Keeping this in mind, you might want to plant one of these hardwood trees to cover a very sunny area that has a large problem with soil erosion. In a few years, the tree will be quite large, and the soil will stay put.

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