How To Create A Yard That Is Perfect For A Growing Family

When you have a growing family, you will also need a landscape that is able to grow and evolve with the changing needs of your family. You might want to have multiple uses for your yard, so you will need a way to section off different areas.

Section Off Areas with Shrubs

One great way to section off areas of your yard is with shrubs. These will look natural, but will also allow you to create a place where you and your partner can relax while also creating a play area for your children. For the play area, all you need is grass and an open space where your children can play freely.

Build a Structure for Toys

Your children will likely have many toys, a kiddie pool, bikes and all sorts of other things to keep them occupied all summer long. Therefore, you will want to build a structure that will be a convenient place to keep everything. You might want a structure that is separate from the shed where you keep all your tools so your child can safely retrieve his or her things.

Add Safe Water Features

Add features to your yard that will be safe. For example, rather than adding a large, deep pond, add a fountain if you want to incorporate a water element to your property. Then, when your kids grow up, you can have them help you build a water garden.

Beware of Climbing Hazards

Make sure to take a survey of any potential dangers on your property. For example, look for anything that your child might try to climb on. Children love to climb, but until they are old enough, you will want to keep them away from anything they might fall off of. For example, you will want to keep your children away from walls or fences.

Be Careful What You Plant

Keep in mind that any delicate plants you plant in your yard might be damaged by your children. If you plant thorny plants, your kids might poke themselves, but getting cuts or scrapes can be a learning experience that teaches your child to be careful. Still, make sure to not place anything with thorns in an area where your child will likely be running around or near a play set. Also, avoid planting anything that causes a skin irritation or anything that is poisonous. If your child can't put it in his or her mouth, don't plant it.

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